Tis the Season – Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 10, 2013

This year I’ve been seeing such pretty gift wrapping ideas that I can’t wait to get all of my gifts in the mail so I can finally wrap them all.  Yes, I decided to buy pretty much everything online this year because I can never find what I want in-stores and I can’t take the madness of holiday shopping (but I do love walking around because everything feels so festive and happy).

If you have a hard time following along with just photos and text here are some gift wrapping videos by The Red Thread that I love!  They’re super easy to follow along and the perfect amount of festive colors and patterns with keeping things simple. Watch all of the videos here.


If you don’t have time for all the fuss adding a cute gift tag can spruce up your gift.  These are free to download too on Oh So Pretty.


Washi Tape is my new favorite thing that I think spruces up any plain gift wrap/package or just makes things more fun.   You can use it in place of twine/ribbon to wrap around your gift.  Here’s one from DesignLoveFest’s Wrapping party.  The metallic polka dots and trinkets are adorable too!


Bright colored, frilly tissue paper always makes me think of a party.  Here’s a tissue paper wreath you can use as a bow topper on your gift from A Subtle Revelry.


If you’ve ever bought something that is oddly shaped and is pretty much impossible to wrap you can either scour your home for a spare box that will fit it or create a cute gift bag for it with some wrapping paper and throw it in there!  DIY instructions here on Hello Sandwich.


Mini Eco always has some amazing DIY tutorials and doesn’t this one scream fun?   Shake it confetti wrap!


Here’s a different take on regular bows, get some wax paper to make these wax paper bow poufs by Whipper Berry.


I also love the more rustic feel of adding twigs and branches to top off your gifts.


Or polka-dotting some kraft paper can never go wrong.