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Getting Lost.

November 26, 2013

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.  But no, not in the way you think of “getting lost.”  I’ve been getting lost…in my work, and in a good way.  I love getting projects where I can’t eat or sleep until I’ve solved the problem, that doesn’t sound exactly healthy, but it’s not something I do a lot of time, which makes it special when a project comes along that makes me feel that way.  It makes me feel excited to get the job done and make the deadline.  I will blame that for my lack of posts for the past few weeks, but anyway…I thought I’d take the time to reflect and appreciate how things fall into place in life and to always stay positive and active in your pursuits.  I really believe that you can’t put all your eggs into one basket.  You can’t expect just one thing to satisfy all of your creative energy, your happiness, your motivation, your drive, etc.  I’ve learned that when one thing isn’t going right to move on to the next and that other thing will sort itself out along the way.  It’s never healthy to expect ONE thing (or person) to solve ALL of your problems or questions in life, or to make you happy. It’s really an accumulation of everything.  That way, if one endeavor goes wrong or one person disappoints you you have another endeavor or someone else to turn to give you hope and excitement.

“I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It’s nice.”
– J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

You also have to learn to let go of things you can’t control.  If something happened yesterday that made you feel embarrassed, stupid, or crappy, let it go, it happened and you can’t take it back, you just keep moving forward.

Inspiration Monday #6 – Hard days.

November 11, 2013

Some days are harder than others, some days are harder to see the good in every day, but we can still try and fight as hard as we can.

“You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy.”
– Andrea Gibson

It’s a new week, let’s start it off on a high note.