Etsy Finds: Polka Dot Pillows

January 21, 2013

I’ve been looking for a body pillow (or any long pillow) to use as a head rest ever since I got rid of my headboard and I haven’t found any pillow covers I liked, so I decided I will just make it myself.  I plan on using this same technique I used for my DIY polka dot box pattern onto fabric, easy peasy.  If you’re also thinking of stamping onto fabric I found this nifty post showing comparisons of different stamp pad inks on fabric.  I personally use ColorBox and it has never failed when I use it for stamping.  I’m still deciding on what color fabric to use, how big/small I want to make the polka dots, and if I want the two sides to be different (polka dots on one side and a solid color on the other).  In the meantime here are some polka dot pillows I found on Etsy that I love:


1. Throw pillow case, svetastyle, $25
2. Vintage red polka dot case, fallaloft, $24
3. Dots pillow, Kissenstudio, $14
4. Linen pillow cover, pillowlink, $24