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End of summer recap

September 27, 2016

Some life updates:

  1. Summer 2016 is officially over. It was a good one.
  2. I reopened my Etsy shop earlier this year and now one of my cards is currently sold in stores & online at Urban Outfitters. I’m still not sure how this happened and what I did to deserve such luck.
  3. I’m back to freelancing (aka “what am I doing with my life” phase).
  4. I took a family trip to visit my mom’s family in India (Tangra, a small village in Kolkata, is where both my parents grew up) and I won’t ever forget it.
  5. I traveled the most this year. California, South Carolina, and a 14+ hour flight to India (with 5+ hour layovers sleeping in the Dubai airport).
  6. I eat breakfast every morning. A huge change for me.
  7. I make time to exercise for an hour at least two times a week (and have been keeping it up for the past 7 months).
  8. I failed to keep up writing on Medium and updating my Tumblr with photos (which is why I am here again re-evaluating what I’d like to turn this into).
  9. I’m trying to stop comparing my path to everyone else’s because it makes me feel alone and lost.
  10. Current life motto: Fake it ’til you make it.

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