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Tips: Wide Format Printers for Artists & Graphic Designers, Epson and Canon Comparison

July 28, 2020

Hello friends! Today I will be talking about wide (or large) format printers. Most of the reviews or forums I came across when looking to replace my printer were geared more for Photographers so I wanted to write up something that might be more helpful for Artists and Graphic Designers (specifically as a small stationery business that sells greeting cards and paper goods).

What this post is not about:

  • I am not printing black and white or color photographs where super fine macro details are my primary concern
  • This is not a tech or spec review of these printers

I still think it’s worth reading up on these things to give yourself a broader range of experiences to consider from! Just do a quick search because there’s lots of good info out there.

What this post is about:

  • Looking at print quality in relation to raster art (scanned drawings), vector art, and any like designs, ease of paper feeding for thick cover stock paper, ink, maintenance tips, and more!
  • My personal opinion and experience I’ve had over the years
  • I will be mostly be talking about wide format printers by Epson (R1800, SureColor P400) and Canon (Pixma Pro-100, Pro-10)

This post is broken down into the following categories.

  • My Printer Timeline
  1. Print Quality
  2. Paper Feed
  3. Ink (pigment vs. dye, ink tanks)
  4. Everything Else (maintenance, size, speed) 

Grab a drink because it’s a long one, everything is after the jump!

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Tips: Artist Tools Essentials

May 26, 2018


I thought I’d share the tools I use to create a product from start to finish (specifically greeting cards and paper products for my stationery shop)! From when I first start sketching out ideas to more final drawings, to bringing it onto my computer, and ultimately into a tangible product. Things like the hardware (printers, scanners), software, pencils, artist pens, paper, and production supplies (different paper cutters) I use on a daily basis!

Full list and break down after the jump!

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Tips: How to Ship Greeting Cards via USPS Mail

October 10, 2016

mailbox photo by:

mailbox photo by:

When I first started my Etsy shop I was always confused about shipping, so I thought I’d talk a bit on my experience shipping greeting cards and flat, paper products (stickers, small prints, gift tags, misc stationery) for beginners or anyone else who’s interested!

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ll be talking about:

  1. Shipping First Class Letter vs. First Class Package, what’s the difference? I break down my thoughts (the pros and cons) on using both.
  2. What I use: I’ve included links to all the tools and products I use when shipping and where you can save on costs when starting out.

USPS First Class Shipping Methods

I personally ship all of my greeting cards and notebooks First Class Package. I also know a few people who have no problem shipping greeting cards First Class Letter. I talk about some of the differences below. Keep in mind everyone’s preference and circumstance is different and I encourage you to use the method that works for you!

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