Hi there! I’m Tiffany Wu. I’m a designer, artist, and web developer based in Queens, NY (my hometown!). In 2012 I opened up an Etsy shop and started making cards as a fun side project. As I took on a few full time gigs I got too busy to upkeep it so it closed a few years later (with a lot of lessons learned). Luckily, when I decided to go freelance again in 2016 I started creating new designs and officially reopened my shop. You may have spotted some of my cards at Urban Outfitters and Paper Source stores, amongst some lovely brick & mortar shops in the USA!

I was an avid blogger back in the LiveJournal and Xanga days (I also had “hosted” sites and taught myself how to code websites when I was in junior high school). I guess starting this blog was a way for me to bring that back. I (try to) post tips and tricks on running a small biz, life updates (usually end of year recaps), freebies, and anything I can think of, honestly. It’s sort of a brain dump whenever I have the time, but I hope this helps someone out (even if it’s just one person on the internet).

Thanks for visiting & reading!

Ways to Support

If any of my posts have helped you along your journey and you would like to show support, please visit my online shop to pick something up, click on an ad around my site, or here are a few affiliate and referral links! Products I recommend in my posts may be affiliate links and I may receive a small compensation:

Thinking of opening up your own shop? My e-commerce shop is happily hosted and built with Shopifyhttps://www.shopify.com/?ref=tiffbits

Want to join the Etsy marketplace? You (and I!) can get 40 free listings if you sign up with my referral link: https://etsy.me/2QNb44D


Shop – Greeting cards, notepads, and paper goods
Society6 – Mugs, phone cases and accessories, totes, and apparel