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Polka Dot Pillow Case

January 23, 2013



Did a trial run with a DIY polka dot pillow case and it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped.  The ink and material I used didn’t work well together and all my process photos I shot were too dark.  Ah well, until next time folks!

Etsy Finds: Polka Dot Pillows

January 21, 2013

I’ve been looking for a body pillow (or any long pillow) to use as a head rest ever since I got rid of my headboard and I haven’t found any pillow covers I liked, so I decided I will just make it myself.  I plan on using this same technique I used for my DIY polka dot box pattern onto fabric, easy peasy.  If you’re also thinking of stamping onto fabric I found this nifty post showing comparisons of different stamp pad inks on fabric.  I personally use ColorBox and it has never failed when I use it for stamping.  I’m still deciding on what color fabric to use, how big/small I want to make the polka dots, and if I want the two sides to be different (polka dots on one side and a solid color on the other).  In the meantime here are some polka dot pillows I found on Etsy that I love:


1. Throw pillow case, svetastyle, $25
2. Vintage red polka dot case, fallaloft, $24
3. Dots pillow, Kissenstudio, $14
4. Linen pillow cover, pillowlink, $24

Weekend (365 Photo Challenge)




My favorite suede booties I scored from Target (last year).  I think I’ve worn them so much they’ve sort of conformed to the shape of my foot.

DSC_0045The sun came back this weekend, but it got a lot colder.  Not sure if I liked the trade off.

His & Hers Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day (or any special occasion)

January 16, 2013

Let’s just say once you’re well into a relationship gifting starts to get a bit harder for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion, but I realize it doesn’t always have to be so complicated (or expensive!).  Here are some simple and affordable gifts that you can give for a good laugh, a day to relax, or a way to say I love you.

1. Customizable Collar Stays, NiciLaskin, $12
I think these are such a great gift to personalize.  Sometimes personalizing/engraving things can get cheesy, but I think these have just the right sentiment and subtly.

2. Bath Bombs, Lush, $5 and up
What girl doesn’t like to relax and lay in the tub?  Guys may never admit it, but I’m sure they’ll use you as an excuse to use one of these too!

3. You Are My Queen / You Are My King Letterpress Cards, Lisa Congdon for Hello!Lucky, $4.50 ea.
I fell in love with these cards when they were released.  You can write your letters and then frame them!

4. Knock Knock Notepads, Knock Knock, $6 and up
I always seem to gravitate towards these to read at the store, some of them are so funny to read and I’m sure even more funny to fill out.

5. Cucumber Mint Gumball Candle, Mine Design, $22 (cheaper at Urban Outfitters)
Candles never fail, and this candle’s packaging doubles as something pretty to look at / display in your home.

6. Heart Mugs, West Elm, $8
I think surrounding yourself with pretty things is a mood booster, even if it’s a mug sitting on your desk, and you can fill these up with miscellaneous goodies like their favorite candy or little trinkets.