365 Photo Challenge

January 2, 2013

The thought came up today, as I’ve been trying to get back into work mode, to do a challenge for this year and given I just got a DSLR what better way to practice than do the 365 Photo Challenge?  This will be my resolution that I surely can’t break since it’s written in stone (aka my blog).

Photos posted for this challenge will be mostly taken from my Nikon D5100, unless noted otherwise.  I’ll be following these prompts from CaptureYour365 for January, unless I stray elsewhere for the day.  I’ll try my best to take photos each day and select my favorite one of the bunch, but if I don’t then I’ll be combining multiple days into one.  Got it?  Good.

I always get excited about books and start on more than one, but then rarely make it to the end of the book!  Is that just me?  Anyway, I was so excited to get these books for my birthday, but I never managed to finish any of them!  My resolution is to get through a lot more books than I did last year.