Holidays Etsy Shop Update

October 17, 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my Etsy shop (since June), which is probably due to the move and the time after of settling in and feeling settled.  The thing with freelancing is you can never really plan weeks ahead if you’ll be working a full day or if you’re going to hit a null for a full week and have no idea what to do with yourself.  It sounds scary (it is), but it has its perks and getting used to.  For me, it was getting back to my Etsy shop and going from computer mouse and screen to pencil and sketchbook.  Since I did a Christmas card last year I thought I’d follow suit and make a card for this year.



It’s never too early to buy holiday cards, right?

You can get this Corgi Wreath card in my Etsy shop!  Enjoy, corgi lovers.